NewAire Plugin Giveaway: Part II

6a015435325031970c015391a0ae34970b-320wi Tomorrow our contest opens up for the NewAire plugin.  YAY!  One of you lucky ducks will get a chance to win our electronic ozone air purifying system.   But today, I want to quickly highlight everyday uses for this piece of awesome technology. 

Gets rid of:

~tobacco smoke 

~food smells

~mold and mildew



 ~body odors(gym, anybody!?)

…and a million more.  Odors are seriously everywhere. 

Get. Rid. Of. Them.  The ozone way.  That simple:)


Stay tuned-NewAire plugin giveaway begings tomorrow (9/15/11) at noon!


~Monique @ Ozone Experts

18 thoughts on “NewAire Plugin Giveaway: Part II

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