Riddle Me This: How To Get Rid of Stale Odors

Stale odors can occur all over the home, car or office, and can arise from a whole variety of different substances and chemicals.  Ozone generating equipment is becoming an increasingly popular and accepted way to deal with this problem.  Often, people start to notice an odd smell over time and realize that something that has been forgotten or remains unknown is producing an unpleasant stale odor which needs to be dealt with before it gets out of hand.

Stale odors often arise from things that have been present for a certain amount of time and are easy to clean or get rid of by the usual simple means that can be applied to a fresh odor. Applying strong chemical or industrial cleaners to stale odors often just mask the scent for a while and then, as they wear off, the stale odor will remain. In these circumstances it is generally accepted that there needs to be a more vigorous and long lasting way to deodorize the surrounding atmosphere and make the air cleaner.

As well as making sure to they eliminate all of the stale odors that are present, it is important to many that the solution is green and causes no further harm to the atmosphere and planet. Ozone devices create ozone molecules using electronic technology which allows for ozone to be generated as and when it is needed to neutralize and remove negative ions and stale odors from an area in a green and efficient manner.

Using ozone molecules to purify and deodorize the air allows for the air to be fully rid of all toxins and bacteria that will b present in the stale odor atoms and will not be removed through traditional cleaning and deodorizing methods such as air freshener and cleaning supplies. The ozone odor control technology allows for ozone to be created and, these highly reactive oxidants will then disperse into the area, breaking down into separate oxygen atoms and attaching to the offending stale odor molecules. Once they have attached themselves onto the stale odor molecules,  they will strip them of their individual characteristics, including odor, and will then disperse them into the air to be dealt with naturally.

Ozone odor control is one of the most efficient ways in which to deal with stale odors and eliminate the problem completely, as the molecules creating the problem are destroyed completely rather than the stale odor just being replaced and masked by another stronger scent.


And now for the riddle of the week:

What is cold when running but smells when not?

Answer below–remember, if you solve the riddle, you will recieve 10% off your next order of any ozone product!


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