Eliminate Odor Naturally By Introducing Ozone To The Atmosphere

Do you know the smell of ozone that is in the air after lighting strikes?
When you think of that fresh smell following a thundershower, that scent
originates from ozone being introduced into the atmosphere.  Ozone has
amazing capabilities which enable it to eliminate odor naturally in any

Ozone is also referred to as "activated oxygen" and
this is because rather than the two atoms of oxygen that we normally breathe,
this "activated oxygen" contains 3 atoms.   By chemically
reacting to particles in the air or on surfaces, ozone's extra oxygen atom will
work to destroy the molecules by fundamentally changing their make-up so that
they can no longer be a source of offensive odors.  

When you think about odors that come from mildew or from animals
(such as skunks) and those that seem to linger forever, these are the
impossible odors that ozone will eliminate, guaranteed.  When you have an
ozone generator installed in your home, you can be sure the air will always
smell fresh and clean.  

Maybe you have tried numerous products to rid your home of the
stink and still it returns to remind you that it remains alive.  No matter
how many enzymes you use on that pet accident or how many sprays you have
tried, none of them can guarantee their effectiveness the way ozone treatments
can.  The fact is, ozone treaments are effective in removing virtually any
odor you can imagine.

Because ozone is introduced into the air it has the unique ability
to seek out the offensive odors in cracks and crevasses, behind walls or under
carpets and anywhere else that they may hide.

Ozone treatments are guaranteed 100% effective and guaranteed.
 Ozone generators do not damage to our sensitive environment either.
 If you would like to investigate how our Queenaire ozone generators can
get rid of any offensive odors that you might be dealing with, contact
 for more information. 

43 thoughts on “Eliminate Odor Naturally By Introducing Ozone To The Atmosphere

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