Remove Solvent and Paint Fumes from Homes with the QT Hurricane

Spring’s arrival often signals the start of indoor renovation projects like repainting a bedroom or nursery. Although such interior painting projects may seem like no big deal, they do pose hidden dangers that must be addressed. Toxic paint fumes are one of them.


Today’s interior paints and solvents come in a wide variety of types. Some of the solvents and paints on the market today contain highly toxic chemicals like toluene, acetone and xylene. They can irritate a person’s central nervous system, skin, eyes, respiratory system, kidneys and liver. Other interior paints and solvents, like Benjamin Moore’s Natura line, are considered to be eco-friendly. However, even eco-friendly paints with no volatile organic compounds are not entirely fume free. The fumes emitted during spring painting projects can cause health problems of their own.

A good, real life example of the type of damage that paint fumes can cause appeared in a September 6, 2013 news article published by The New Zealand Herald. Apparently, after painting their home’s interior, one family became extremely ill and had to seek medical attention. They experienced some of the health problems that we mentioned above (i.e. respiratory distress) and had to leave their home. In addition, the family mentioned wanting to hire someone to decontaminate their home prior to their return.

QT Hurricane

The 120V/60W QT Hurricane is one product that may be used to naturally remove paint and solvent fumes from a home’s interior. It is 11.75 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, 8.75 inches tall and weighs 11 pounds. Each QT Hurricane generates ozone. Ozone has the capability to organically destroy toxic solvent and paint fumes, thereby leaving the air odor free. So families like the one previously mentioned in our real life example could use it to help make their homes livable again.

To learn more about the QT Hurricane and other ozone generators that can aid in toxic fume removal, please contact us toll-free at (866) 676-9663.

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