Tired of the Garbage Odor Coming from Your Organics Recycling Area?

An increasing number of Americans are adding organics composting to their repertoire of eco-friendly activities. Just in case you are not one of the people that have jumped onto the bandwagon, it involves recycling organic materials taken from businesses and homes (i.e. food scraps and lawn clippings). The recycled materials are then turned into food for animals, biofuel, biogas or soil amendments. Although all of that sounds wonderful, there are downsides to organics composting. One of the big ones is garbage odor. The good news is it may be controlled effectively and efficiently.

The odors coming from commercial and residential organics composting areas are perfectly natural. It’s all part of the anaerobic digestion process. So to control the amount of garbage odors, it’s best to start with the compost pile itself. The U.S. Composting Council’s periodical,BioCycle, published a series of comprehensives article on the subject for commercial venues in 2012. Those that have the spare time may want to read the entire series. The EPA has published information on organics composting as well. Their materials are geared towards non-commercial entities.

Despite approaching the issue from two different viewpoints, both sets of published materials essentially provide the same solutions. They suggest that the keys to minimizing the amount of odors emitting from the pile have to do with controlling the following elements:

  • Moisture levels within the pile’s layers
  • Particle size and particle type
  • Air circulation and air quality
  • Carbon and nitrogen ratio

Once those issues are under control, the remaining garbage odors may be dispatched with the aid of ozone generators. Like organics composting, ozone generators take their cue from nature. They rely on using ozone’s inherent properties to cleanse the air of organics composting and other garbage odors. The science behind the process is actually rather amazing. To learn more about minimizing organics composting odors with the aid of ozone generators, please contact us by calling (866) 676-9663. We’d love to help you “go green” without having to deal with those annoying, putrid garbage odors.

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