Pet Odors: The Secret to Separating the P.U. from Puppies and Adult Dogs


Okay, so there is no denying that puppies are some of the cutest creatures on the planet. Unfortunately, they, and their adult counterparts, can also stink, quite literally. Have you ever wondered why that’s so and what may be done to correct it? Well, we have the answer. So read on for a whiff of refreshing relief:

Perhaps the University of Cambridge’s Naked Scientists break down the why behind the wet dog smell the best. They attribute it to the bacteria and yeast that naturally like to set up residence on a dog’s body. Apparently, those microscopic odor creators get more pungent when combined with evaporating water. But they aren’t the only reasons why dogs can smell downright obnoxious.

Dogs of all ages also excrete natural substances that many humans may find offensive. Examples include anal gland fluid, urine, excrement, emesis, ear wax and sebaceous oils. They may also develop health conditions that create odors. Common ones are mouth infections, anal gland abscesses, ear infections, tartar build-up and yeast infections.

Bodily fluids, micro-organisms and disease aren’t the only culprits either. Doggy odor can also be brought about by a flatulence-causing diet and encounters with odorous items (e.g. rolling in garbage or being sprayed by a skunk). The good news is dog lovers don’t have to be stuck with the ghastly pet odor forever.

Providing canines of ages with routine healthcare, a proper diet, regular grooming and a sanitary place to play is an excellent start. Using ozone generators to clear away any remaining puppy p.u. is a fabulous way to continue. The generators are capable of removing pet odors and particulate matter from the air. To learn more about the generators and how they can help a doggy’s home smell fresh like the great outdoors, please contact us by calling (866) 676-9663.

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