QT Hurricane: A Banquet Manager and Catering Company’s Best Friend

It’s no secret that many things can go wrong during a banquet hall or catered affair. There could be problems with the food, beverages or wait staff as well as with the room itself. It could be poorly lit, too hot, too cold or just plain reek. Thankfully, there are actions banquet managers and catering companies may take to head off some of those problems at the pass. Investing in a QT Hurricane is one of the best ones.

Why? The QT Hurricane is a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry air purifier made by Queenaire. It runs on 120V/60W of power and is capable of generating 80-1,800 mg/hr of ozone, which is enough to rid a 20,000 square foot size banquet or catering hall of unpleasant odors. Because it relies on naturally occurring ozone, the QT Hurricane doesn’t mask odors found in a banquet room’s window treatments, carpeting, upholstered chairs and table linens either. Instead, it draws them out into the open and thoroughly destroys them in a remarkably short amount of time.

That said, banquet and catering managers may use the QT Hurricane to help manage indoor air quality both before and after special events. The other nice thing about the QT Hurricane is its timer settings. They allow catering and banquet managers to program the machine to run for up to 7 days without manual intervention. So essentially, it may be programmed, placed inside of the banquet or catering hall and allowed to run before the guests arrive. Doing so should help remove particulate matter and any musty odors from the air. Once the function ends, managers could program the QT Hurricane to kick on after the staff leaves the building. That should help remove any food, beverage and smoke odors that may have occurred as a result of the catered affair.

To learn more about the QT Hurricane and why it’s consistently proven to be a banquet manager and catering company’s best friend, pleasecontact us.

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