QT Thunder-24 May Help Get Rid of Filth Fly Odors in Commercial Kitchens

The aromas that waft out of commercial kitchens all across America are known to attract far more that just hungry humans. They also invite one of the biggest food service industry bane of them all, filth flies. It is widely accepted that they can detect odors up to roughly 5-miles away and fly 20-miles in one clip. Consequently, once filth flies detect a scent that they find favorable, it doesn't take them long to gravitate towards it and start breeding.

Thankfully, there are tools and actions restaurateurs may use to keep filth flies at bay. Using the QT Thunder-24 on a daily basis to keep the kitchen’s interior smelling like fresh air is one of them. It is a 14-pound, electric-powered air purifier that generates 1,250 mg per hour of ozone. At that level, the ozone is strong enough to remove odors that commonly ring flies’ dinner bells from 20,000-square feet of space. The list of the types of odors that we are referring to includes, but isn't confined to stale beer, sour mops, spoiled foods and stagnant water.

Each of the QT Thunder-24 is 8.75-inches tall, 7.5-inches wide and 11.75-inches long. So they can easily be tucked away in an inconspicuous area of the kitchen and set to kick on automatically after the restaurant closes. The units will last for up to 20-years and come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. Of course they are not the only tools that restaurateurs may use to combat filth flies.

It is important to routinely train restaurant staff how to handle sanitation issues too. Once they are fully trained, they’ll know when and how to do other preventive tasks, like periodic drain cleaning and the secure storage of refuse. To learn more about the QT Thunder-24 Filthfly
and other air purifiers that may help keep restaurant odors down to an unnoticeable level, please contact us today.

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