Is there anything more refreshing than the smell of a room after windows were opened to let in the fresh summer or crisp winter air? So why are you thinking of masking the bad smells in your home or car with a scented spray or oil warmer that does little more than introducing chemically engineered smells into the space? When they mingle with objectionable odors, they frequently create a scent that is worse than the odors you started with. The Newaire Plugin series offers you a different type of solution.
Newaire Plugin I and II
The model I treats rooms up to 500 square feet with an ozone output of 3 mg per hour. The negative ion output equals 750 cc per second. The attractive white housing of the unit that measures 3.5 inches in width and 5.5 inches in length is easy to integrate into any decorative scheme. The unit is ready for wall mounting and comes with an optional security kit. The Newaire Plugin II offers similar sizing and functionality but a design change makes this unit even more unobtrusive. Blending it into residential or office spaces is a snap.
Newaire Auto Series II
A fast food habit or frequent trips to the gym with the occasional gym bag left overnight in the vehicle can result in unpleasant smells. Do not fall back on the little tree you hang from the rearview mirror. The Newaire Auto Series II treats a space measuring 50 square feet and has an ozone output of 1.5 mg per hour. With a negative ion output of 16,000,000 cc per second, your car smells are gone quickly. Designed for plugging into the DC outlet, this small 2.5-ounce unit is ideal for confined spaces such as your car, a taxi or the RV.
Contact us today to learn more about the Newaire Plugin series and how it can change the odors of your home, office or vehicle for good – without the artificial scents.

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