Auto OdorThe car is where most people spend a large portion of their day, either commuting to and from work, running errands, or for recreational reasons. With how much time is spent in the car, it can be frustrating to be dealing with unpleasant auto odor while driving. For a deep clean in your car, consider the following tips.
Begin with a Deep Clean
Cleaning out the interior of your car is the first step towards a clean car. Simply throwing out trash and using a microfiber cloth, along with a gentle cleaning solution, can go a long way towards removing grime and leaving your car looking great inside.
Air Out Your Car While Cleaning
When you’re cleaning using any kind of solution, it’s helpful to have the windows and doors open. This way, any cleaning solutions can dry properly and any stale air can be removed.   
Use an Ozone Plug-In
Instead of using any air freshener plug-in to improve the smell of your car interior, it’s a good idea to use an ozone plug-in that can help eliminate foul odors entirely. These plug-ins naturally freshen the air without any harsh chemicals that could be adding to the bad smell.  
Avoid Future Bad Odors
Prevention is an important part of keeping your car smelling good after a deep cleaning, so it’s a good idea to look into the common sources of bad odors. Making sure not to leave fast food in your car and avoiding moisture from sitting are just a few examples of ways you can keep your car fresh.
Contact us for more information about freshening the air in your car.

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