We always think that we are doing everything in our power to keep everyone in our home from suffering from an illness. However, we may be overlooking some of the biggest offenders. These offenders can hide in a variety of places, especially the places that you don't expect them to be. Our homes are not always safe from germs like we think. We may think our home is free from all of the bacteria and germs from the outside world, but the fact is many of the items in our home attract bacteria. 
Killing bacteria can that has made a home in your house is important so you and your family will remain healthy. Bacteria can spread quickly, and it can cause deadly diseases and illnesses. Killing bacteria can be very cost-effective and easy on your wallet. 
Bacteria loves to play hide and seek in kitchens. The bacteria likes to hang out in the sink drains and the garbage disposals for those who have them. A kitchen sink can be a hotbed for bacteria because there are numerous of food particles and water that are around the sink area. If you keep sponges near your sink, the sponge is also a hiding area for germs and bacteria. When you want to kill the bacteria that hides in your sponge, you can place it in the microwave for at least two minutes. 
Although plenty of bacteria can be found in a kitchen, they have several other hiding places. 

Toilet bowl
Bathroom sink
Dog/Cat bowls
Garbage can
Areas on the microwave
Remote control
Dish towels
Bathroom floor
Baby/children toys

How To Keep Bacteria Away

Keep your hands washed and cleaned.
Wipe down and sanitize surfaces in your home.
If someone makes a mess, do not leave it their to clean later. Clean it as soon as the mess is made. 
Keep your cleaning supplies cleaned. 
Wash clothes, towels, pillows, etc. on a regular basis.
Try not to spill food and drinks.
Teach your children how to be clean. Pass on everything that you have learned. 

No home will be free from bacteria and germs, but it doesn't take a big effort to lower the amount of bacteria you can find in your home. If you have tried the cleaning efforts, but would like some help by using air purifiers and ozone generators, contact us. We can recommend the technology that you are looking for the kill bacteria and filter them from the air. 


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