How to Eliminate Odor Naturally With the Newaire Hydroxyl Generator Air Treatment System

Eliminate Odors Naturally

You already know about the anti-microbial properties of ozone, but are you also aware that you can eliminate odor naturally, without having to leave the room, by relying on hydroxyls? What is this technology all about?

Hydroxyl Radicals are Natural and Safe

Chemically speaking, the hydroxyl radical is a neutral variety of the hydroxide ion. Short-lived but highly reactive, they act on all types of pollutants with the help of ultraviolet light. The Newaire HG1500 has a room treatment capacity of 1,500 square feet. Unlike targeted ozone treatments that frequently require a home’s occupants to leave the room, the use of a hydroxyl chamber is safe for use even when occupants are present.

Who Uses This Technology?

Ozone and hydroxyl generators both eliminate odor naturally. Both are safe and easy to use. Yet there are some times when a hydroxyl unit simply meets your needs better.

  • Continuous presence of air pollutants. When it is not feasible to treat a commercial or residential location overnight or when occupants are present, a hydroxyl generator operates nonstop even when the building is full.
  • Gradual air cleaning is acceptable. When a skunk has taken up residence in your basement, you need quick odor removal, which is a job for an ozone generator. For a home that has lingering pet or tobacco smells, the gradual deodorizing with the help of hydroxyls is feasible.
  • Regular maintenance is no deterrent. This unit operates with a carbon filter that requires replacement at a regular 60-day interval. The consumer who can commit to this upkeep is well suited to choose the unit.

Contact us today to learn more about the technology behind hydroxyls and to find out how this type of generator differs from an ozone product.

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