Top 5 House Odors That Make Selling Your Home Difficult

House Odors

Real estate professionals frequently tell sellers that they should bake fresh chocolate chip cookies to give the house that homey feel. In fact, this does not work. Homes & Land experts warn that this scent is far too complex to be pleasing. Instead, it becomes a distraction. Moreover, five house odors may make selling your property an uphill battle. These are most likely the smells that you do not even notice any longer.

  1. Masking sprays. You want to take a page from the playbook of the experts and buy vanilla-scented room spray. To you, it smells great. To the prospective buyer, the vanilla scent unpleasantly mingles with the other smells that are in the room.
  2. Cigarette smoke. It is not enough to empty the ashtrays and hide the cartons. Even opening the windows for a few minutes before the showing is insufficient. Cigarette smoke particles lodge in the creases of fabrics and attach themselves to wall surfaces.
  3. Kitchen smells. Last night’s tuna casserole or spicy curry dish leaves a smell behind. To you, it is faint. This is not necessarily the case for those visiting your home for the first time.
  4. Musty smells. Basements, laundry rooms and windowless bathrooms sometimes take on a musty smell. This is compounded by storing old blankets or used towels in these areas.
  5. Pet odors. You hardly even notice the dog’s smell or the cat’s litter box scent anymore. A prospective home buyer sees these odors as warning signs that there may be carpet replacement costs up ahead.

These are not the types of house odors that you can get rid of by opening a window, washing a few curtains and spraying a room deodorizing spray. Rather, attack the odor-causing bacteria and molecules where they hide. The deodorizing technology provided by ozone output machines allows you to eradicate house odors by getting rid of the particles that cause them. Whether they hide in fabrics, on walls or deep in carpeting, ozone reacts with the contaminants and thereby eliminates the odors.

Examples of this technology include the Rainbowair 250 Series II, which is ideally suited for treating spaces measuring up to 2,500 square feet. This quickly takes care of a smelly basement or garage. The QT Storm treats properties as large as 10,000 cubic feet, which allows for a whole-house treatment. When you want to ensure that your home buyers only smell the fresh air you would normally associate with a gentle breeze coming in from the outside, this technology delivers.

Contact us today for more information on this technology and to find out how it can help you undo smells that may keep your home from selling.

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