Don’t Let Used Car Odors Turn You Away from the Year’s Best Deals

Used Car Odor
According to many different auto industry insiders, now is an excellent time to shop for a used vehicle. Why? It’s said to be prime time for taking advantage of inventory changes and end of the year price drops. Plus, it may be good to lock in a used car interest rate before it rises higher than the current 4.62%. If you do decide to make a move, keep the following in mind:

Don’t let used car odors turn you away from a cherry of a deal. They may be resolved easily enough and we’re not talking about having to invest in copious amounts of pine tree air fresheners either. The only resources you’ll need to make a used car smell like new is a qualified mechanic, a trip to the car wash and a Rainbowair Activator 1000 Ozone Generator with an Auto Adapter Kit.

The mechanic can make sure that the vehicle’s engine and other working components are not to blame for the odors. Examples of the types of mechanic failures we’re talking are gasoline odors from leaky fuel lines and the smell of dirty oil leaks.

The car wash, on the other hand, will help remove odorous surface grime from the used car’s exterior and interior. Most of the DIY and manned businesses have powerful shop vacs to take care of the carpeting and seats as well as packets of cleansing wipes for sale. The wipes are good at eliminating stinky spills from the used car’s hard surfaces.

As for the Rainbowair Activator 1000, it will take care of the remaining odors once and for all. And that includes any cigarette smoke, food scents and other unpleasant smells that may impact the used car’s interior in the future.  It can also be used in your home or office to permanently and naturally remove any lingerings odors in those spaces as well.

To learn more about investing in a Rainbowair Activator 1000 and permanently eliminating used car odor before you hit the dealerships and classified ads, please contact our ozone experts today.

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