Five Tips For Getting More From Your Ozone Generator


Just like a vehicle, ozone generators need to be maintained in order to run smoothly.  You wouldn't buy a new car and never bring it in to get an oil changed or new tires, would you? 

The same could be said for ozone generators.

So-here are a few tips to keep your RainbowAir/QueenAire ozone generator running longer:

1.  Keep your ozone generator up off the floor, preferably on a table or chair.  Ozone is heavier than oxygen, so by placing the unit higher up, you will achieve better deodorization results.

2.  Use a fan or air mover.  By displacing the air and forcing it to move around, the ozone will be able to reach the walls, ceilings, inside of closets, etc. instead of just stagnating.  The more air movement, the better the deodorization in your space.

3.  Clean your ceramic plates every 3-6 months.  Inside of the unit, the ceramic plates get dirty with frequent use, due to natural particulate forming.  Electricity naturally arcs to the areas that contain the particulate, which sometimes will result in tiny pin holes burnt into the plates.  When this happens, your fuse will blow, and you'll need brand new plates.  So-keep those plates clean, and this wont happen.  Clean plates=longer ozone generator usage.

4.  Eliminate as much moisture as possible.  If you are running the machine, you should run a de-humidifier prior to shock treating the area.  Too much moisture in the air will cause your fuses to blow to help protect the transformer-so make sure ahead of time you lessen the moisture/humidity. 

5.  Don't run your unit for days on end. A lot of people think that if they run the unit for days and days, it will do a better job.  This isn't necessarily true.  Usage varies due to the size of the space you will be shock treating; it's really a test of trial and error on your part.  There is no written script or plan, because each situation is different, and each space is equally as unique.

Also, make sure that while you run the ozone generator, you stay out of that area.  General rule of thumb is that you should stay out of the room for as long as you have been running the machine.  So, for example, if you've been ozonating for for 2 hours, you should stay out of the room for two hours.  It won't kill you if you happen to breathe some in, but it is an irritant and it's best to stay clear of the ozone until it has converted back into oxygen.




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