Get Rid of the Used Car Odor That Threatens to Overwhelm Your Sense of Smell

Newaire Auto-II

While most anyone enjoys a new car smell, the used car odor is
generally not quite as pleasing or sought after. It is usually a mix of old
fast-food containers that stayed in the car past their prime and spilt
milk-containing coffees and other drinks that have begun to ferment in the

Plenty of folks have tried to get olfactory love from the spray bottle. The
result was a car that smelled of old fast food and potpourri. Even the old
standby air freshener hung from the rearview mirror can do precious little to
mask these smells. Yet why mask when you can actually get rid of the offending

Clean the Inside of the Car

Like anything else that involves a car, the first call to action mentions
elbow grease. Even if you picked up this beauty at the used car dealership and
it had been vacuumed and shampooed to within an inch of its life, search for
odor-generating substances. Move around the seats, investigate the seat rails
and clean out what you might find under the seats.

Plug in the Ozone

For the type of fresh that you get when opening the window on a beautiful
day, you need a car-sized ozone unit. It plugs into the DC outlet where it
immediately goes to work on odor elimination. There is no messy filter that
needs changing. There are no chemicals that give you headaches. As the ozone
breaks down, it combines with the unwelcome odor-causing gases. This leads to a
breakdown of the odiferous gas molecules as well. In short, the offense odor is

Enjoy the Negative Ion Function

With the odors moving out, it is now time to focus on the allergens that
float in your used car. By forcing these floating particles to clump together,
get heavier than air and drop to the ground, you have an easy time of simply
vacuuming them up. Finally, no more sneezing fits in your new used car!

The Ozone Experts know that harsh chemicals and heavily scented air
fresheners are not a panacea approach to an offensive used car odor. Contact
today for ozone products that are the answer to all of your bad smell

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