Surviving a Skunk Odor Incident in Your Home

Now that winter is over, your pets, especially your dogs, will be spending
more time outside. While that’s generally great for their health, there are
many areas of the country where this also means a direct increase in pet and
skunk encounters, which sometimes results in skunk odor invading
your home with your pet’s return. Unfortunately, that can be a messy issue,
especially if you do not catch your pet before he or she gets into your house.
Fortunately, there is a solution for your problem: one of our line of ozone
generating electronic deodorizers.

Technically, these ozone generators do exactly that: generate the molecule
ozone, which is that “fresh air” smell that comes after a summer thunderstorm.
Ozone as a molecule is inherently unstable, seeking to break apart and bond
with other molecules it encounters. Fortunately for us humans, ozone’s
components easily bond with gaseous molecules that we smell—such as that odor
of skunk—and chemically transform the stinky molecules into non-smelly inert
gases. This means that if you release ozone molecules into your home, they will
happily bond with those skunk odors and make them disappear.

Because ozone molecules are so unstable, they have a “half-life” (the amount
of time it takes for half the molecules to break apart) of only 20 minutes.
This means you can’t just store a bottle of ozone in your cupboard until you
need it, because by the time you need it, the molecules in the bottle will all
have disintegrated. Instead, you need one of our simple, effective
ozone-generating machines. And don’t worry, you’ll find a lot more uses for it
than just skunk odors. The smells of everything from cigarette smoke to frying
onions can be eliminated with our electronic deodorizers, so contact
today to learn more and place your order for one of our amazing ozone
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