Top 5 Commercial Uses for the Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator

Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator

Ozone generators have a long track record of eliminating smells associated with cigarette smoking, pet ownership, and painting. In commercial venues, the use of an ozone generator like the Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator is instrumental in removing body odors, food smells, and trash stink. There are five commercial uses for this particular model that may change the way you look at your current odor management protocols.

QT Hurricane Specs

This ozone machine is a workhorse. It treats areas up to 20,000 square feet. Featuring the diminutive size of only 7.5 inches in width, 8.75 inches in depth and 11.75 inches in length, the 11-pound ozone generator has an ozone output of 80 mg/hr to 1,800 mg/hr. Operators appreciate the flexibility that a six-cycle programming brings to the table. Of course, you can run this ozone machine continuously if needed.

Businesses that Benefit from the use of the Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator

  1. Casinos. Cigarette smoke is a common odor around casino venues as well as hotel rooms associated with these companies. Rather than trying to mask the smell, destroy the odor at the molecular level.
  2. Gyms. Sweat is a hallmark smell of a well-run gym. In the locker rooms, there are body odors and the gym socks that have been lingering in some areas. Neutralize the smell with a full venue treatment after hours.
  3. Schools. Closed classrooms quickly take on musty smells. When you have a gym on site, there is also the locker room stench that we have already discussed. Welcome students each day with fresh air rather than last week’s gym sock smell.
  4. Restaurants. Although the smell of freshly cooked food is attractive, it begins to wear thin when odors mix and mingle after hours of cooking a broad range of dishes. There is rarely enough of a draft to let the smells escape through an open back door. A regular ozone treatment takes care of the problem areas.
  5. Apartment buildings. If you keep the dumpsters within enclosures, the smell quickly builds up. This applies in particular to the warmer summer months. Even if you keep them in an underground garage, there are still lingering smells. Ozone prevents the stink from marring your tenants’ enjoyment of the property.

Contact us today to learn more about the QT Hurricane and to find out if it would be an ideal stink removal solution for your business.

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