Rainbowair Activator Technology Eliminates Odors and Purifies Air


The Rainbowair Activator comes in a broad range of models. Ideal for use in residential and commercial settings, the technology has the power to eliminate odors at the source and purify the air that you breathe on a daily basis. What are your options?

Rainbowair Activator 250 or 500

These units are ideal for smaller settings. The model 250 treats rooms up to 2,500 square feet in size. Its output is up to 250mg of ozone per hour. This small machine lets you set a 60-minute timer that allows you to repurpose a smoking lounge for a non-smoking purpose. The model 500 doubles the treatment size and ozone output. It, too, comes with a 60-minute timer. This is an ideal unit for a whole-house treatment and tackles everything from body odors to cooking smells and tobacco smoke. This model is also a favorite of the hotel trade, for which it is designed.

Rainbowair Activator 1000 Series II and Auto Models

Both models treat spaces up to 10,000 square feet. Ozone output ranges from 60mg per hour to 1,000mg per hour. A 24-hour timer as well as a continuous operations mode put you in control of the machine’s functionality. This model is geared toward commercial applications such as flood restoration work and car detailing outfits. The auto model features a hose kit for concentrating the ozone into the problem area. A 2000 series is also available for facilities and comes with the optional auto hose kit. Treatment capacities double.

Advantages of Ozone Treatments

In the home, you find copious quantities of dust mites, pet dander and pollutants that you may have tracked in from other homes or just from the outside. Within the workplace, a broad range of fragrances, cooking smells and harsh cleaners make it difficult for some employees to breathe with ease. The Rainbowair Activator product series freshen the air naturally and eliminate odors. Additionally, the technology leads to a reduction of allergens. Contact us today to find out more about this technology.

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