Remove Particulates from the Air and Increase Your Family’s Comfort

During the winter months, the air quality in our homes and offices can really take a nose dive. As a result, many of us may experience breathing problems and have overall difficulty feeling comfortable in our own space. The good news is there are ways to reverse that drop in air quality:

The most effective one is to remove particulates from the environment. Particulate matter can come from a wide variety of sources. Examples include soot from our fireplaces and dust from our HVAC unit’s ductwork. When released into the air, these items can enter into our bodies and cause some very troubling health problems.

For instance, exposure to particulate matter can lead to the development of emphysema and cardiovascular  disease in otherwise healthy individuals. It can also exacerbate existing problems in other individuals. The list of existing problems that can be aggravated by particulates includes, but is not confined to, bronchitis, heart arrhythmia and asthma.

At this point, you may be wondering how to remove particulate matter in the most effective and efficient way. In our experience, the ideal way to take care of that task is to put negative ions to work in your home or office. They will help to remove particulate matter from the air and send it cascading down towards the floor. Once it’s onto the floor, you’ll be able to clean it up with the aid of a powerful, HEPA filter vacuum.

To fully utilize the power of negative ions, we’d suggest investing in an ozone generator. They are designed to purify the air with the aid of ozone and negative ions. We have various units in stock. So there is no doubt that we’ll have an ozone generator on hand that’s capable of improving the air quality in your home or business.

For more information about our ozone generators and tips for removing particulates from the air, please contact us at (866) 676-9663.

Use Ozone Products to Kill Bacteria in Your Home

Kill Bacteria

Many of the unpleasant odors found in your home are actually due to the presence of bacteria or fungi. These unwanted invaders are found in dark, moist recesses such as basements and bathrooms where they wreak havoc on your senses. Many people try to clean with harsh chemicals such as bleach or over-the-counter cleaners, but these just serve to mask the smells. Ozone goes right to the source of the problem by killing bacteria and eliminating the cause immediately.

How Does Ozone Work?

Bacteria are comprised of cells with a cell membrane that is essential to life. Ozone, which is made of three oxygen molecules as opposed to the two molecules in the oxygen we breathe, attacks the cell membrane of bacteria creating a hole in it. The membrane is bombarded repeatedly by the ozone, and it loses its ability to maintain its shape and to contain its internal structures. This leads to cell death within seconds.

Why Should You Use Ozone Products?

Ozone products and technologies are the most powerful oxidizers and disinfectants that are on the market and are reasonably priced. No other commercial disinfectant has the killing power that ozone has. It will eliminate all odors due to bacteria or fungi whether you need it in your basement, kitchen, bathroom, or the whole house. It is especially helpful in multiple-pet households where trapped odors can be a problem.

If you are considering buying an ozone product, contact us to learn about the variety of offers we have available at this time.


Top 4 Reasons Why Landlords Need a QT Tornado


The QT Tornado is a powerful electronic deodorizer. Rather than attempting to mask offensive odors in your properties with scent heaters or room sprays, these machines quickly eliminate even the most pervasive smells.

Room Sprays vs. the QT Tornado

A room spray is little more than a bottle filled with an artificial scent. When activated, it will release a cloud of the scent into the air. In so doing, the smell – potpourri, vanilla or other aromas – attempts to mask the odors that are already in the air. As anyone who has ever tried to cover up the smell of garbage or boiling cabbage can tell you, some scent combinations are worse than the actual offending odor.

The QT Tornado does not artificially attempt to put a fresh smell into the air. Rather, it releases between 190mg and 625mg of ozone per hour. It treats 4,000 square feet with ease. With a five-year warranty and a variety of convenient timer settings, this machine uses the ozone to react with the smelly contaminants directly. Instead of temporarily covering up a smell, the ozone attacks it at its source on a molecular level. The result is truly fresh air.

Why Landlords Need this Machine

If you have one or more machines – depending on the size of your apartment building – on standby, it is easy to freshen the air in your building.

  1. Garbage cans. When you only have one weekly trash pick-up, garbage cans stored near the building quickly infuse hallways and stairwells with rotting smells. The QT Tornado undoes the damage.
  2. Food odors. While your tenants may enjoy the smell of fried fish, boiling cabbage and similar dishes, prospective renters do not. Always have a fresh air smell in your building no matter what folks are cooking.
  3. Renovating smells. These are the odors associated with paint fumes and adhesive smells. In addition to being unpleasant, they can also cause more sensitive tenants to suffer from headaches and nausea. Prevent your tenants from suffering by eliminating the smells – and helping paints to cure faster! – with ozone.
  4. Smoking. When you allow tenants to smoke in your building, some areas may smell strongly of cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke. Those living right next to a heavy smoker may complain of the constant smoke odor in the hallways. Prevent these complaints by eliminating the odor smell without bothering the smoker or the non-smokers.

It is evident that the Queenaire QT Tornado Ozone Generator is far more effective and much healthier than any scent that comes out of a can. Contact us today for more information on this green product that is proudly made in the USA.

Rest in Peace Dierdre Christensen


Our thoughts and prayers are with our Head of Research and Development, Richard Luscombe-Mills today as he prepares to lay his beloved Mother to rest.

Dierdre  H. Christensen of Seymour, Wisconsin was born on July 18, 1932 and passed away on September 20, 2016 surrounded by her loving family.  She is preceded in death by her son Michael and survived by her husband Roger Christensen, their sons Richard Luscombe-Mills and Christopher Mills, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

While we have no words to truly express the prayers of healing and comfort that are in our hearts, we sincerely hope and pray the precious memories of a lifetime of love and happiness together will help to heal your broken hearts.

Ann TaylorEnglish poet and literary critic
Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My mother.

A gathering will be held on Friday, September 23, 2016, from 6-8 p.m. at Muehl-Boettcher Funeral Home, Seymour, Wisconsin. Online condolences may be expressed at

Top 5 House Odors That Make Selling Your Home Difficult

House Odors

Real estate professionals frequently tell sellers that they should bake fresh chocolate chip cookies to give the house that homey feel. In fact, this does not work. Homes & Land experts warn that this scent is far too complex to be pleasing. Instead, it becomes a distraction. Moreover, five house odors may make selling your property an uphill battle. These are most likely the smells that you do not even notice any longer.

  1. Masking sprays. You want to take a page from the playbook of the experts and buy vanilla-scented room spray. To you, it smells great. To the prospective buyer, the vanilla scent unpleasantly mingles with the other smells that are in the room.
  2. Cigarette smoke. It is not enough to empty the ashtrays and hide the cartons. Even opening the windows for a few minutes before the showing is insufficient. Cigarette smoke particles lodge in the creases of fabrics and attach themselves to wall surfaces.
  3. Kitchen smells. Last night’s tuna casserole or spicy curry dish leaves a smell behind. To you, it is faint. This is not necessarily the case for those visiting your home for the first time.
  4. Musty smells. Basements, laundry rooms and windowless bathrooms sometimes take on a musty smell. This is compounded by storing old blankets or used towels in these areas.
  5. Pet odors. You hardly even notice the dog’s smell or the cat’s litter box scent anymore. A prospective home buyer sees these odors as warning signs that there may be carpet replacement costs up ahead.

These are not the types of house odors that you can get rid of by opening a window, washing a few curtains and spraying a room deodorizing spray. Rather, attack the odor-causing bacteria and molecules where they hide. The deodorizing technology provided by ozone output machines allows you to eradicate house odors by getting rid of the particles that cause them. Whether they hide in fabrics, on walls or deep in carpeting, ozone reacts with the contaminants and thereby eliminates the odors.

Examples of this technology include the Rainbowair 250 Series II, which is ideally suited for treating spaces measuring up to 2,500 square feet. This quickly takes care of a smelly basement or garage. The QT Storm treats properties as large as 10,000 cubic feet, which allows for a whole-house treatment. When you want to ensure that your home buyers only smell the fresh air you would normally associate with a gentle breeze coming in from the outside, this technology delivers.

Contact us today for more information on this technology and to find out how it can help you undo smells that may keep your home from selling.

Don’t Let Used Car Odors Turn You Away from the Year’s Best Deals

Used Car Odor
According to many different auto industry insiders, now is an excellent time to shop for a used vehicle. Why? It’s said to be prime time for taking advantage of inventory changes and end of the year price drops. Plus, it may be good to lock in a used car interest rate before it rises higher than the current 4.62%. If you do decide to make a move, keep the following in mind:

Don’t let used car odors turn you away from a cherry of a deal. They may be resolved easily enough and we’re not talking about having to invest in copious amounts of pine tree air fresheners either. The only resources you’ll need to make a used car smell like new is a qualified mechanic, a trip to the car wash and a Rainbowair Activator 1000 Ozone Generator with an Auto Adapter Kit.

The mechanic can make sure that the vehicle’s engine and other working components are not to blame for the odors. Examples of the types of mechanic failures we’re talking are gasoline odors from leaky fuel lines and the smell of dirty oil leaks.

The car wash, on the other hand, will help remove odorous surface grime from the used car’s exterior and interior. Most of the DIY and manned businesses have powerful shop vacs to take care of the carpeting and seats as well as packets of cleansing wipes for sale. The wipes are good at eliminating stinky spills from the used car’s hard surfaces.

As for the Rainbowair Activator 1000, it will take care of the remaining odors once and for all. And that includes any cigarette smoke, food scents and other unpleasant smells that may impact the used car’s interior in the future.  It can also be used in your home or office to permanently and naturally remove any lingerings odors in those spaces as well.

To learn more about investing in a Rainbowair Activator 1000 and permanently eliminating used car odor before you hit the dealerships and classified ads, please contact our ozone experts today.

Yes, You CAN Kill Bacteria With Ozone

Venture down the supermarket’s cleaning supplies aisle, and you see countless products that promise to kill bacteria. Yet as the Smithsonian points out, many of the sprays, soaps and gels use triclosan to do the dirty work, which could potential function as an endocrine disruptor. If this indeed bears out, effects in the human body could range from infertility to cancer.

Ozone Can Kill Bacteria Without Using Triclosan

To say that ozone is a highly effective germ killer would be an understatement.

  • No chemicals. Put away the gels, bleach products and harsh chemicals that adversely affect your skin. Ozone offers a natural, non-chemical cleaning process.
  • No scents. Cleaning product manufacturers like to use lemon and flower scents in their products, which are designed to overpower the smells created by bacteria. For those sensitive to the artificial smells, these products are useless. Ozone does not generate any smell except that of fresh air, which you might associate with the air you breathe in after a rainstorm.
  • No pollution. Ozone works by oxidizing bacteria where they are located. It does not matter whether they hide in your drapes, the walls, the carpeting or on your flat surfaces. An ozone molecule features a third oxygen atom, which bacteria absorb through their cell walls. In so doing, the bacterium is destroyed from within. In the meantime, the loss of the third oxygen atom turns ozone into oxygen.

Choose the Right Equipment

Exposing the bacteria in your home or office to the right level of ozone is instrumental in their successful eradication. It does not make sense to treat a large space with an ozone generator that is only rated for the treatment of average-sized hotel rooms. Contact us to discuss your spatial setups and to find out which generator would be ideal for your setting.

Top 5 Commercial Uses for the Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator

Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator

Ozone generators have a long track record of eliminating smells associated with cigarette smoking, pet ownership, and painting. In commercial venues, the use of an ozone generator like the Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator is instrumental in removing body odors, food smells, and trash stink. There are five commercial uses for this particular model that may change the way you look at your current odor management protocols.

QT Hurricane Specs

This ozone machine is a workhorse. It treats areas up to 20,000 square feet. Featuring the diminutive size of only 7.5 inches in width, 8.75 inches in depth and 11.75 inches in length, the 11-pound ozone generator has an ozone output of 80 mg/hr to 1,800 mg/hr. Operators appreciate the flexibility that a six-cycle programming brings to the table. Of course, you can run this ozone machine continuously if needed.

Businesses that Benefit from the use of the Queenaire QT Hurricane Ozone Generator

  1. Casinos. Cigarette smoke is a common odor around casino venues as well as hotel rooms associated with these companies. Rather than trying to mask the smell, destroy the odor at the molecular level.
  2. Gyms. Sweat is a hallmark smell of a well-run gym. In the locker rooms, there are body odors and the gym socks that have been lingering in some areas. Neutralize the smell with a full venue treatment after hours.
  3. Schools. Closed classrooms quickly take on musty smells. When you have a gym on site, there is also the locker room stench that we have already discussed. Welcome students each day with fresh air rather than last week’s gym sock smell.
  4. Restaurants. Although the smell of freshly cooked food is attractive, it begins to wear thin when odors mix and mingle after hours of cooking a broad range of dishes. There is rarely enough of a draft to let the smells escape through an open back door. A regular ozone treatment takes care of the problem areas.
  5. Apartment buildings. If you keep the dumpsters within enclosures, the smell quickly builds up. This applies in particular to the warmer summer months. Even if you keep them in an underground garage, there are still lingering smells. Ozone prevents the stink from marring your tenants’ enjoyment of the property.

Contact us today to learn more about the QT Hurricane and to find out if it would be an ideal stink removal solution for your business.

Attention Realtors – Reliable Odor Removal When Showing Your Home for Sale to Potential Buyers

Rainbowair Ozone Generators
Selling a home is best accomplished when everything is firing on all cylinders, which means you want to avoid having any aspect of your home that could negatively impact your home selling experience. Poor odors throughout your home is a major problem that you want to eliminate in its entirety. Unfortunately, when you want to open the windows to improve your home’s overall feel, but have to combat with outside odors that creep into your home, you need to invest in reliable odor removal.

Prevent Outside Odors from Causing Problems

Although a potential buyer may understand that exterior odors are not actually coming from your home, they may feel reluctant to purchase your home as they may worry about keeping the odors outside. For instance, a future homeowner may intend on opening the windows on a daily basis, and you need to show them that this will not be a problem by using an odor neutralizer to maintain a neutral-smelling home.

Neutralize Your Home’s Natural Odors

It is only natural for your home to develop its own odors, which can come from various things, such as pets, furniture, and decorations. Although these odors are not always bad, you are better off to neutralize them because you do not want to cater to a particular preference. It is best to fill your home up with scents that are generally well-received to maximize your chance of impressing buyers.  The Rainbowair line of  ozone generators is a great choice for property management and Realtors.

Showcase a More Attractive Home

When you do not have to worry about odors throughout your home, you can showcase a more attractive home. It is just one feature that will not be put down as a con for those who visit your home, and in some cases, you might be able to better your chances with the new scents that you are able to incorporate.

If you have any questions about removing odors from your home, contact us today.

How to Eliminate Odor Naturally With the Newaire Hydroxyl Generator Air Treatment System

Eliminate Odors Naturally

You already know about the anti-microbial properties of ozone, but are you also aware that you can eliminate odor naturally, without having to leave the room, by relying on hydroxyls? What is this technology all about?

Hydroxyl Radicals are Natural and Safe

Chemically speaking, the hydroxyl radical is a neutral variety of the hydroxide ion. Short-lived but highly reactive, they act on all types of pollutants with the help of ultraviolet light. The Newaire HG1500 has a room treatment capacity of 1,500 square feet. Unlike targeted ozone treatments that frequently require a home’s occupants to leave the room, the use of a hydroxyl chamber is safe for use even when occupants are present.

Who Uses This Technology?

Ozone and hydroxyl generators both eliminate odor naturally. Both are safe and easy to use. Yet there are some times when a hydroxyl unit simply meets your needs better.

  • Continuous presence of air pollutants. When it is not feasible to treat a commercial or residential location overnight or when occupants are present, a hydroxyl generator operates nonstop even when the building is full.
  • Gradual air cleaning is acceptable. When a skunk has taken up residence in your basement, you need quick odor removal, which is a job for an ozone generator. For a home that has lingering pet or tobacco smells, the gradual deodorizing with the help of hydroxyls is feasible.
  • Regular maintenance is no deterrent. This unit operates with a carbon filter that requires replacement at a regular 60-day interval. The consumer who can commit to this upkeep is well suited to choose the unit.

Contact us today to learn more about the technology behind hydroxyls and to find out how this type of generator differs from an ozone product.